We can treat a range of
yarns and fibres

We can treat both natural and synthetic yarns and fibres to meet various specifications.

Our yarn and fibre treatments include Unique Dye Colours, Insecticides, Moth Repellence, Flame Retardance, Deodorising Treatments, Wool Whitening, Stain Resistance and Scouring.

In addition to this every product is fully tested and manufactured in the UK.

We treat many types of yarns and fibres to
meet our customers specifications

Unique Dye Colour

We can colour match to any
existing colour or work with
customers on specific dye colour
mixes to suit their needs.


We can treat yarns and fibres with a
insecticide to ensure the fabrics
have an insect-proofing function.

Flame Retardant

We regularly add special
chemicals to yarns and fibres to ensure they
are flame retardant, which ensures
that end products are compliant.


By infusing the yarns and fibres
with deodorising chemicals, this
ensures they smell fresh and
resist further odours.

Moth Repellent

Wool and silk are often attacked
by moths. By adding special
chemicals to the dye bath, yarns and
fibres are protected.

Stain Resistant

Our stain repellent treatment
provides a long lasting solution to
stain resistance.

Fully Tested

All of our yarn and fibre treatments
adhere to the required level of
compliance for the country in
which it will be used.

Wool Whitening

Our wool whitening process is
ideal for yarns and fibres prior to
carding and spinning.

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